Have you ever owned a Cocker Spaniel?

What are they like? I know it will vary from dog to dog, and what sort of training they receive, but what are your experiences? These are the sorts of questions I am wanting answers for, but any personal experience and advice would be greatly appreciated. Please refrain from simply directing me to a website.

What are their exercise requirements? Half an hour, an hour a day? Do they need to run off leash or will a brisk walk be sufficient?

If they get enough exercise, will they be happy to snuggle up on the couch with me or lounge around an apartment?

Are they ‘malleable’, that is, can they be carried around without struggling to be put down? Do they like to be handled? Do they ‘kiss’ you and follow at your heels, or are they content just to know that you are near?

Are they energetic, will they still be bouncing off walls after a long walk or will it wear them out for the day?

Are they heavy, or it is mostly just fur? What does the fur feel like? Do they still look and feel nice if I keep them trimmed?

Will they do OK on their own while I’m at work, if they are provided with toys and water? Can they amuse themselves for a period of time or do they require constant 24/7 attention?

How much do they eat? Are they picky? Do they slobber and drool?

How are they around strangers? Children? Other dogs? Do they mostly bond to just one person, or do they love everyone?

Do they bark or howl? Do they dig? If I clip and groom them, will they still shed alot?

If I keep them clean and healthy (I know their long ears breed bacteria), what sort of health problems should I still be aware of?

Are they good off-lease if properly trained, or are they easily distracted?

Are they hard to train? Do they pick up on things quickly?

What are they worth? For a healthy puppy, intended for a family pet, what is a fair price? How long, on average, do they live?

Apologies for the length, these are just questions I am making myself answer before I even think of buying a certain breed. Any thoughts are appreciated.