Puppy Mill Rescue And Adoption

Here’s a word about Puppy Mill Rescue and Adoption. There are some great non-profit organizations doing excellent work in the area of rescuing dogs from puppy mills, auctions and crowded kennels. They foster them, give care and medical attention to any of the dog’s immediate health needs and try to get them adopted to good homes.

One of the best things you can do is to adopt a puppy or adult dog from a cocker rescue group or dog rescue organization. I know from personal experience, having adopted several animals over the last 20 years, that a rescued pet will give you an immense amount of love and devotion. They are truly grateful and show their gratitude and affection through loyal and loving friendship.

Puppy mills are a tragic place for a dog. Many are bred constantly and are in a life of pure suffering. A puppy mill is a large scale breeding facility where the dogs are usually kept in deplorable conditions with little to no regard for their health or genetic implications. Many are kept in small wire cages and confined indefinitely or in situations where they aren’t even given the basic veterinary care. The only way out of a despicable situation such as this is for a rescue group to come and take the dogs and give them a fair chance at a decent life as a beloved animal companion and pet.

Also, many rescues need people to foster the dogs and are looking for people who love dogs and would open their home to foster and take care of them until they can be adopted out. This is great for many people but it can be tough to say goodbye once the pups have found new homes to go to.  It is a happy situation for the dogs, however and you can take comfort in doing your part to see that that happens.